RUML Industry is able to respond quickly to customer needs in the field of metal fabricated components, subassemblies and weldments. The company's overall equipment including computers and CAD software allows to work with 3D models and transfer programs directly to machines' control systems. Partnership with selected suppliers allows us to efficiently obtain required deliveries of material or semi-finished products for further production processing. The company also closely cooperates with a supplier of noise and thermal insulation materials.

At the customer's request, the production of parts is carried out including baked powder coat finish with zirconium nano-layer pretreatment, that ensures very high corrosion resistance 480 to 520 hours in salt bath. These surface treatments are suitable also for shipments to seaside areas.

Laser cutting

We provide cost-effective cutting of both thin and thick material up to a thickness of 25mm on the TruLaser 3030 machine. This computer-controlled laser allows to create very complicated shapes with high cut quality. This machine uses CoolLine technology that allows reducing the distance between the parts and cutting finer details while maintaining a high quality cut.

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Sheet metal bending

We provide serial or one-off bending of steel and stainless steel sheets on TruBend presses. The maximum sheet thickness is dependent on the bending length. We are well equipped with accessories for these machines, that allow us to bend even complicated parts. Complementary to bending we offer welding and assembly of parts according to your requirements.

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Welding MIG, MAG, TIG

Our production has a total of 5 fully equipped welding workplaces. Our welders are professionals with all the necessary welding certification. We produce small weldments up to 150kg and 1000x1500mm. Our welders also provide other locksmith, fitting and assembly works, repairs and overhauls of welded steel structures.

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