Sheet metal bending of steel and stainless steel sheets

We provide serial or one-off bending of steel and stainless steel sheets on TruBend presses. The maximum sheet thickness is dependent on the bending length. We are well equipped with accessories for these machines, that allow us to bend even complicated parts. Complementary to bending we offer welding and assembly of parts according to your requirements.

TruBend 5085

High productivity throughout, from programming and tool setup to the bending process. Capable of performing bending work on a wide range of parts, always with the greatest precision.

  • Bending length 2210 mm
  • Press force 850 kN

Due to the steady load transmission, the rammer crossing at volume +/- 10 mm and the CNC technology, the cambering can be carried out without limitation. The sheet folding is possible without tool exchange and the machine re-setting.

TruBend 7036

The TruBend Series 7000 is a perfect example of the coordinated interaction between operator and machine. It is a particularly cost-effective solution for bending small- and medium-sized parts.

  • Bending length 1050 mm
  • Press force 360 kN

Highest productivity and accuracy with pressing load 360 kN. This machine is equipped with 6-axes stop system. Outstanding ergonomics and intuitive manipulating area.